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Captain Faggot TV Captain Faggot TV

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Points for presentation...

But phail for content.

ianianian1111 responds:

thanks. i luff you to

The Ring: The Legend_ The Ring: The Legend_

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Love it!

^^ Halarious!
Keep up the good work!

NinoGrounds responds:

Thanx ;)

Trichinosis Trichinosis

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Valueable, but not here...

You know why people don't do something about it? It's not because they don't know about it, its because they don't give a hoohaa about it!

You're message is pure and valuable as gold, but it does little here, 98% of the people that spend their time on Newgrounds are the either the problem in its entirety, too young or immature, or too shallow a ego-centric to care, and they don't changed because they can't but because they don't feel it worth the time.

If you threw any of them into a third world country they would agree with you completely after twenty-four hours, but we don't can't do that, now can we?

There are many problems in this world... because of those who prosper that prefer to have everything the same because it best suits their world.

And now I will speak deeper on the matter:
Those who prosper would say: I care not for the afflictions of others, because I feel no need to.
One may answer and say: Why?
And those who prosper would reply: Because their affliction is not my problem, and I will not deal with the problems of another who is too incompetent to fend for themselves.
One may answer, saying: But what of those who have no choice in their affliction, and that you afflict them directly by hoarding all the wealth of the earth to yourself and preventing them from prosperity?
And they would reply: Again, it is not my problem, and I will not deal with it for I see no reason that I should help them.
And one may reply: O those who care only for themselves, for if the earth gave way at their feet they would scream aloud for help, but if another beside them fell they would then walk away, caring not. Why say that an equal beside you is unfit for aid?
And they would reply: And why should I listen to you? I see no equality in comparison of me to those who suffer, for I have achieved above that, and I care not for the others around me for they have no role in me achieving a higher level of what I already have.
And one might reply: Then you know nothing...

And I ask you, the reader, to not be those who prosper and dwell in selfishness, for the gift achieved in charity is beyond any possession this world may yield. But I digress as many will pass this aside, heeding not these words and ignoring the fact that the world around them crumbles by their inattentiveness.

I say again, this piece's message tells us what is wrong in this word, and for that it is good. But remember that you must not target the people themselves, but the media, for it is the media that has more sway than anything else in this world. Add not to its sourness with this sweet piece, but seek to remedy the bitter design it is so that generations to come will bring prosperity to all.

Thank you,

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the ugly the ugly

Rated 4 / 5 stars

2% Of the things you could touch without dying!

This game was alright... dispite it's grotesque display...

A few things that I find off about this:

Firstly, what you have to do to succeed is too narrow and is more trial and error then anything else. Having the limitation of a child is great, but under no circumstance is it good to have a game where you have to do a certain sequence of actions or you'll die. I mean, what in the heavens is a key doing in a decapitated head's mouth!?

Secondly, the quality of sound was poorer than it should be, it really toned down the mood quite significantly. Also the sound rewinds itself and starts over whenever you move from frame to frame which has a subtle effect of lowering realism.

Thirdly, this is not a problem with the content but just a small flaw in the system: If you go through the bathroom sequence and then refuse to use the phone it reverts to before the bathroom sequence.

Forthly, the mood of this was more grotesque and agitating then actually conveying true fear.

In other words it only makes those who are afraid of physical objects or people react to this, while boring more hardy people who are more prone to being afraid of an unknown and always present entity that seems right next to them, remaining there as though just about to attack but not at that exact moment... That kind of presence strikes fear into the hearts of many, especially when one is powerless against it, because one then knows they are at that presence's mercy that one will survive.

The graphics of this were quite nice, though the game lacked longevity save constantly restarting over and over again, which brings me to tell you that you must make the player aware of what they have to do and what they shouldn't do, and a limit in good options in a situation like this makes people start intentionally doing stupid things...

Finally, because it just bloody annoys me, the head opens it's eye after seeing it, what in the heavens is up with that! I mean... really unless if the child is hallucinating it does no more than confuse those who think concerning the plot of the story...

Nicely done, keep up the good work!

Conversion Calculator Conversion Calculator

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


You forgot:

-Lenge: Yards, centimeters, millimeters
-Weight: this is where it gets confusing. Kilograms are mass and pounds are weight, they are two seperate factors in their own, as your weight changes based on gravity but your mass stays the same at all times. Weight in metric is Newtons and mass in the other is Slugs.

Good work, however! ^^

Flash RPG Maker v0.1 Flash RPG Maker v0.1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It doesn't have potential, it is the avatar of it!

The potential for this kind of game exceeds anything the flash world has seen! The idea of making your own games on something like this is not grand, it's phenominal!

I may be giving you a low mark because it is incomplete, but when it is complete I can't wait!

Here are some ideas for things to add to the full version:

-The ability to change the color of objects(A red/green/blue adjustment feature should do the job).
-Characters are good, but allow the ability to modify certain features of it's appearence.
-Allow the ability for people to create their own weapons and spells.
-But, most importantly, the ability to export it in some way so other people can play it! (I'm no skilled person with action scripting, but perhaps there is some what you can export all the data itself into a seperate .fla file that can then be submitted and played by other people?)

These are only a handful of suggestions, but don't hesitate to finish this piece! You may well be setting the foundation for something truly great here! Not only would you have created something great, but it has the potential to allow others who lack significant actionscripting, animateing, and/or drawing skills the ability to express themselves via flash!

I bow to you, good sir, but make haste, I'm sure there are those who may decide to take the idea and steal it from you before you ever finish, ruining your chance for fame!