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Captain Faggot TV Captain Faggot TV

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Points for presentation...

But phail for content.

ianianian1111 responds:

thanks. i luff you to

The Ring: The Legend_ The Ring: The Legend_

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Love it!

^^ Halarious!
Keep up the good work!

NinoGrounds responds:

Thanx ;)

Trichinosis Trichinosis

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Valueable, but not here...

You know why people don't do something about it? It's not because they don't know about it, its because they don't give a hoohaa about it!

You're message is pure and valuable as gold, but it does little here, 98% of the people that spend their time on Newgrounds are the either the problem in its entirety, too young or immature, or too shallow a ego-centric to care, and they don't changed because they can't but because they don't feel it worth the time.

If you threw any of them into a third world country they would agree with you completely after twenty-four hours, but we don't can't do that, now can we?

There are many problems in this world... because of those who prosper that prefer to have everything the same because it best suits their world.

And now I will speak deeper on the matter:
Those who prosper would say: I care not for the afflictions of others, because I feel no need to.
One may answer and say: Why?
And those who prosper would reply: Because their affliction is not my problem, and I will not deal with the problems of another who is too incompetent to fend for themselves.
One may answer, saying: But what of those who have no choice in their affliction, and that you afflict them directly by hoarding all the wealth of the earth to yourself and preventing them from prosperity?
And they would reply: Again, it is not my problem, and I will not deal with it for I see no reason that I should help them.
And one may reply: O those who care only for themselves, for if the earth gave way at their feet they would scream aloud for help, but if another beside them fell they would then walk away, caring not. Why say that an equal beside you is unfit for aid?
And they would reply: And why should I listen to you? I see no equality in comparison of me to those who suffer, for I have achieved above that, and I care not for the others around me for they have no role in me achieving a higher level of what I already have.
And one might reply: Then you know nothing...

And I ask you, the reader, to not be those who prosper and dwell in selfishness, for the gift achieved in charity is beyond any possession this world may yield. But I digress as many will pass this aside, heeding not these words and ignoring the fact that the world around them crumbles by their inattentiveness.

I say again, this piece's message tells us what is wrong in this word, and for that it is good. But remember that you must not target the people themselves, but the media, for it is the media that has more sway than anything else in this world. Add not to its sourness with this sweet piece, but seek to remedy the bitter design it is so that generations to come will bring prosperity to all.

Thank you,

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Letter To Santa Letter To Santa

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not half bad...

Obviously the last person needs to be tied and gagged before being thrown down a well, because he has the IQ of a rat and thinks he actually has some higher value by being that way.

The graphics are that way because this is done in the perspective of a child, genius.

Anyhoo, onto my personal critique of this piece:

The graphics were poor, but had justification to them, though it didn't seem to have done in a more skillful manner (That's right, you can be skilled at displaying the lack of skill). The sound was the worst flaw, it was too poor in quality and no percaution seems to have been made to uphold it to an optimal level.

The message was cute and did have a saddening tale to it, but the lack of quality lowers the impact it has on the viewer.

This flash hits the alright scale, but you might need some more flash experience under your belt before you can really impress people. And remember to worry about the little details when dealing with flash, A true flash artist will do their best in trying to convey a message to its fullest through the medium.

Mad World Collab Mad World Collab

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I antagonise the last person posting.

Variety is the spice of life...

This piece is nothing short of completely and utterly impressive. The variety gives a perspective of many different people on a specific thing, in this case, a song. It is composed with excellent and the song choice is a masterpiece of its own. Thank you for giving me something that has had an impact on me, and good luck to all of those who worked on this that they may bring forth many more great flash animations. ^^

Mop Mop

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Excellent, but not for here...

I have nothing significant to antagonize about this piece, it was quite intruiging... The problem is that it's artistic...

Not that that's a problem... unless you're in Newgrounds... then it really won't achieve much here... It either has to have sex, mindless violence, sex, random humor, or sex... The list goes on and on, and artistic doesn't make a huge impact unless it is simply astounding (It's good, but not astounding... no offence of course). There isn't a huge chance that it will make the front page...

What I recommend is deviantART or even *shivers* ...sheezyART, you will get more constructive praise like this and less mindless drivel many people here emmit...

Nicely done, grafics were alright except to a subtle level. you have the skill, all you need to do is focus alittle more on the small things; however, I couldn't find any message in this piece save that meteors coming from some portal=very bad, which I already knew thank-you. ^^

Book Of Moron Book Of Moron

Rated 0 / 5 stars

You, my friend, are a complete idiot.

It had no satirical value whatsoever, you tried hitting a brick wall with a stick while being ten feet away from it.

This is a sad excuse for a flash in both message value and graphic value.

And anyways, satirising something is only to be used when attacking a corrupt or flawed system, and anyone who knows anything in the religious department knows that the LDS religion doesn't take your money save tithing and fast offerings (unless we talk about the "Fundamentalists" LDS who are lodged somewhere in Nevada, which the community runs on giving all your ownership to the stake president and then distributes it based on requirements, somewhat like a Command Economy, only religious...).

The only thing I've seen the Mormon religion attacked on is concerning polygamy (Which is also another misconception, again this is limited to the ever-waining "fundamentalists").

I will not contend with an opinion unless it is so flawed and foolish like this, you're one of the blind fools that so decay society, but it doesn't matter what I say because you're too stupid and arrogant to listen to me or anyone, reason-possessing or not, unless they agree with your stupidity.

You will live in dispair that is not afflicted by any "Satin" these religion so talk about, but by your own stupidity and blindness. And you will scream aloud blaming all those around you before they leave you in disgust, and you will be alone for all your life, all these things true as long as you continue to hold to this foolishness.

This is my opinion and I will state it whether you like it or not, and I care not if you heed my words, for I know that I am not better than you, but you are far worse than anything else...

The Alphabet Song The Alphabet Song

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Press replay, press replay!

You MUST press replay, the most halarious thing happens when it replays!

¬.¬ This damn animation broke my evil-meter.... Excellent!

eBaums world dot com eBaums world dot com

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I never heard of this site until now... A first impression worth knowing...
However undeniably evil this is, one has to say it's pretty damn clever. His site could be shut down but he still keeps the cash and still remains a complete a**.

I'm sure many people think right now: Damn would it be good to have a sniper rifle and home address by now.

I give this a noobish full 10/10 not only for excellent content, but also a very valuable message that should be held up for as long as possible.

PS: I betcha that--as "diverse" newgrounds can me--there will STILL be those who are negative to it. Probably because they have the intellegence of a half-burned rat!

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11/06: Day of Reckoning 11/06: Day of Reckoning

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Threw me off there for a second!

For a moment there I though it was some "very creative" anti-clock animation. ^^ A pleasent suprise indeed when I saw it completely.

Clocks are a style of animation, and though it is better for one to stick more to original work it doesn't mean that the work is immediately bad because of it. Nothing can be judged on content alone, and with that in mind I don't mind clock animations so long as its quality and message/storyline is of good quality.

Good work, keep it up!

StrangeClock responds:

Thank you <3